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President Obama’s long-awaited plan to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan is meant to include a number of benchmarks aimed at stabilizing Afghanistan as part of an overall strategy to

Since the Solomon Islands period of unrest, known as the tensions, between 1998 and 2003 a number positive steps have been taken through the creation of several transitional justice initiatives.

FOCUS: The Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Solomon Islands experienced a period of extreme unrest, known as the tensions, between 1998 and 2003.

The importance of an independent, representative, and competent truth and reconciliation commission (TRC) to guarantee the rights of victims to truth, justice, and reparations should not be underes

Building a constitutional state and pursuing social change is best approached by looking at prior successes.

This reports examine the role of memorials in transitional justice processes, based on research conducted in the Acholi and Lango subregions of northern Uganda.

The report documents that practices that included slamming detainees into walls, extended sleep deprivation, suspending them by the arms, forced nudity, threats, prolonged shackling in uncomfortabl