When: Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Where: Tequendama Hotel
Carrera 10 # 27 - 51, Salón Rojo

Registration: This conference is open to the public and requires registration. Capacity is limited. In order to register, fill out this form no later than February 20th.


Camila Fernanda Salazar
ICTJ office in Bogota
Tel: 248-0488 ó 310-489-7684

Marta Martínez
Communications Associate
Tel.: +1 917-637-3824

International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ)
Kofi Annan Foundation

With support from:
Norwegian Embassy
Revista Semana

ICTJ thanks the Swedish Embassy for supporting our work in Colombia.

Conference Goals

  • To contribute the international experiences and reflections of important actors involved in peace processes and truth commissions around the world to a current national debate on the peace agenda.
  • To promote discussion between international and national experts on the lessons learned from other TCs that have similarly emerged from peace processes—and share ideas, expectations, and questions among various Colombian social and institutional actors.

The Conference will count with the participation of Mr. Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic, in the opening ceremony and will start with a keynote speech by Mr. Kofi Annan.

The Conference will be organized into three panels. The first panel will discuss the role of truth in a transitional justice and peacebuilding process. Through the discussion of several international processes, this panel seeks to explore and raise questions about the logic underlying the incorporation of truth seeking within the framework of a peace agreement.

The second panel will focus on truth seeking after peace: opportunities, challenges and demands. The main purpose of this panel is to share some reflections and accumulated knowledge on what kind of contributions a truth commission can make in a post-conflict scenario and the challenges that must be met in the process.

The third panel addresses the challenges of a truth commission that has emerged from a peace process in a context of widespread and diverse social demand and seeks to shed light on the context of diversity and expectations to which commissions may need to respond.