Nicaragua Calls on Top UN Court to Stop German Military Aid to Israel


The case at the International Court of Justice is against Germany, which is the second-largest supplier of arms to Israel after the US, but it also indirectly takes aim at Israel’s six-month-old military campaign, which has left tens of thousands of Palestinians dead and devastated Gaza.

Nicaragua’s allegations represent the latest legal attempt by a country with historic ties to the Palestinian people to stop Israel’s offensive, after South Africa accused Israel of genocide at the court late last year. They also come amid growing calls for Israel’s allies to stop supplying the country with weapons—and as some supporters, including Germany, have grown more critical of the war.

Germany will present its arguments on April 9. The head of its legal team, Tania von Uslar-Gleichen, called Nicaragua's case “grossly biased” and denied that Berlin is breaching international law.

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