Feb 2017

Two women abducted by the Lord´s Resistance Army (LRA) return home with their children born of war and fight to be included in a society that deems them criminals.

Nov 2015

The story of Mark and Sharon, two Kenyan youths who believed in the importance of unveiling the truth about past crimes in Kenya and participated in the TJRC process.

Jun 2015

Canadian youth not only want to know the truth about what happened at the Indian Residential Schools –they want to learn about it in their classrooms.


Nov 2018
Jul 2017

The story of the 30-year struggle for justice in Guatemala and the people who, for a moment, were able to eclipse impunity.

Dec 2016

As we look to the challenges ahead, we celebrate 15 years of ICTJ’s contribution to a better world.


Dec 2017

In difficult times, ICTJ stands with those seeking to break the cycle of massive human rights violations and lay the foundations for peace, justice, and inclusion.

May 2017

Ali Jabeur's "Plus De Poisson Que Du Poison" gallery, part of ICTJ's "Marginalization: Images of an Invisible Repression” exhibition.

May 2017


Feb 2016
Jan 2016

In this podcast, Ruben Carranza, director of ICTJ's Reparative Justice program, discusses what makes apologies meaningful to victims of atrocities.

Dec 2015

In this podcast, Cristián Correa, senior associate in ICTJ's Reparative Justice program, discusses the importance of engaging victims in the reparations process in Côte d'Ivoire.