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  • Serbian Activists Beaten After Protesting War Criminal Event


    A Serbian rights group said Wednesday its activists were beaten after interrupting an event organized by the ruling populists that included an appearance by a convicted war criminal.

    Youth Initiative for Human Rights said its nine activists were hurt, two of whom sought medical help after the incident late Tuesday in Beska, northern Serbia.

    The group said they broke into the event hosting Veselin Sljivancanin, a former Yugoslav army officer sentenced by the U.N. court in the Netherlands for war crimes during Croatia's 1991-95 war.

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  • Victims Demand Justice 25 Years After El Salvador Signed Peace


    On Jan. 16, 1992 guerrilla rebels and the government of El Salvador ended over a decade of internal conflict.

    El Salvador marks Monday 25 years since the signing of the peace accords ending 12 years of civil war that left 75,000 people killed and 8,000 disappeared, one of the darkest periods of the Central American nation.

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  • Trial of Eex-child Soldier Dominic Ongwen to Hear Prosecution Case


    Prosecutors at the international criminal court at The Hague are due to present their case on Monday against a child soldier turned militia leader from northern Uganda accused of committing war crimes including rape and murder.

    Dominic Ongwen, once a feared commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army, appeared last month before the court to plead not guilty, saying that as a child soldier taken by force from his home by the organisation he was a victim of its atrocities, not a perpetrator.

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