Beirut Violence Harks Back to Lebanon’s Civil War Demons, Analysts Say


Street clashes in Beirut are reminiscent of violence during the Lebanese Civil War, harking back to deeper issues emanating from Lebanon’s handling of war from 1975 to 1990 that have not been addressed.

“Lebanon is the perfect example showing peace at the expense of justice—which happened to end the civil war in 1990—does not work. If we don’t deal with the past, we will have to deal with this violence again and again and again,” according to Nour El Bejjani Noureddine who heads the Lebanon program at the ICTJ.

Christopher Abi-Nassif, Lebanon program director at the think tank Middle East Institute, said the country’s dominant political parties are deploying tactics honed during the civil war to disrupt the investigation into the Beirut port blast.

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