Our Work

We are an international nonprofit organization specializing in the field of transitional justice. ICTJ works to help societies in transition address legacies of massive human rights violations and build civic trust in state institutions as protectors of human rights. In the aftermath of mass atrocity and repression, we assist institutions and civil society groups—the people who are driving and shaping change in their societies—in considering measures to provide truth, accountability, and redress for past abuses. Learn More...

Transitional Justice Issues

Criminal Justice

The investigation and prosecution of international crimes—including genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes—is a fundamental component of transitional justice.


Reparations initiatives seek to recognize and address the harms suffered by victims of human rights violations. They can be designed in many ways, and may include symbolic as well as financial or practical measures.

Truth and Memory

Truth seeking initiatives can play a powerful role in documenting and acknowledging human rights violations. Memory initiatives also contribute to public understanding of past abuses.

Institutional Reform

Institutional reform is the process of reviewing and restructuring state institutions so that they respect human rights, preserve the rule of law, and are accountable to their constituents.

Gender Justice

Human rights violations can have unique consequences for women and others targeted because of their gender or sexual identity. ICTJ stands with victims in seeking acknowledgement and accountability for sexual and gender-based violations committed in situations of systemic abuse.

Children and Youth

Children and youth are seriously affected by gross human rights violations in conflict and under repressive regimes; transitional justice measures must uniquely consider and protect their rights.