Strengthening Rule of Law, Accountability, and Acknowledgment in Haiti


Cristián Correa

Haiti is currently confronting several challenges regarding stability, the rule of law, and corruption. The establishment of the United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) in April 2017 is aimed at contributing to state and civil society efforts to effectively address those challenges. With its emphasis on accountability and improving the effectiveness of the rule of law, MINUJUSTH offers an opportunity to support Haiti in learning from its violent past and strengthening state institutions and rule of law, in order to address both past and present serious human rights violations.

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Despite recent progress in establishing political stability, the situation in Haiti remains precarious. The challenges the country faces are not just the result of natural disasters but also of vulnerability caused by impunity for past serious human rights violations and the lack of rights-respecting and responsive state institutions. Examining past violations importantly signals the state’s ability and intention to respect human rights going for-ward. As in other countries that have undertaken similar processes, that examination may require a combination of judicial and nonjudicial mechanisms.

MINUJUSTH’s mandate offers a chance to support Haitian society in these efforts. However, fighting impunity and acknowledging responsibility for human rights viola-tions will face resistance, as it typically does. MINUJUSTH must be equipped to provide that support if efforts towards stabilization and establishment of rule of law are to succeed.

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