Our Future, Our Justice: Young People Taking Action

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This guide is designed to engage young people who are interested in or are working on transitional justice issues in their communities. Written and formatted primarily as a training tool, it offers content, tips, and strategies for trainers who are interested in working with Syrian youth to pursue truth, accountability, acknowledgment, reform, redress, and justice. Though the guide was designed with trainers in mind, it can also serve as a resource for anyone hoping to understand transitional justice and develop ideas about what is needed to advance their strategies to address the wrongs of the past. While some of the exercises and activities set forth here require resources and are best used in groups, the content, ideas, case studies, and discussions will be useful to anyone with an interest in justice.

This guide is intended to be both informative and, given the realities on the ground in Syria, thought provoking. Justice is understood broadly to include much more than criminal accountability. As such, this guide provides basic information about transitional justice and related principles. It also poses questions and includes material intended to provoke discussions among Syrians about what transitional justice means for them and what strategies can be used to pursue the objectives and priorities identified by young people for young people.