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ICTJ's monthly newsletter, providing transitional justice news and updates from around the world. South Africa’s Constitutional Court recently made a landmark ruling on the right to speak the truth about crimes amnestied by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. ICTJ Truth-Seeking C...

Progress Is Unmistakable. An interview with Juan E. Méndez, President of ICTJ.

More Than Just the Court. An interview with Marieke Wierda, director of ICTJ’s Prosecutions Program.

Making Connections. An interview with Pablo de Greiff, ICTJ Research Unit Director.

Building for the Future. An interview with Hanny Megally, ICTJ Middle East and North Africa Program Director.

A New Paradigm. An interview with Louis Bickford, ICTJ Memory, Museums and Monuments Program.

A Tireless Push for Justice. An interview with Javier Ciurlizza, Deputy Director of ICTJ’s Americas Program.

Truth Is the First Step. An interview with José Zalaquett, ICTJ Board Member.

At the Forefront of the Struggle. An interview with Suliman Baldo, ICTJ Africa Program Director.

Lessons to Be Learned. An interview with Howard Varney, director of ICTJ’s Truth-Seeking Program.