Where We Work

Since its inception in 2001, ICTJ has worked in more than 50 countries around the world. We help societies as they embark on a path toward a more just, equitable, and peaceful future and take collective action to address legacies of massive human rights violations and restore civic trust in state institutions.

ICTJ supports processes and measures established to provide truth, accountability, and redress for massive human rights violations. In societies still experiencing conflict, repression, or ongoing large-scale abuses, we help lay the foundation for such work.

In countries where peace processes or political negotiations are underway, ICTJ works to ensure that the justice demands of victims are included on the agenda and that broad sectors of society remain committed to sustainable peace.

ICTJ also works in established democracies grappling with structural exclusion and marginalization rooted in past massive human rights violations. We support local and national efforts seeking acknowledgment, reparations, and institutional reforms.

We have worked in more than 50 countries.
We currently have 17 active country programs.