Roger Duthie

Senior Expert, Research

Roger Duthie is Senior Expert of Research at ICTJ, where he has managed research projects examining how transitional justice relates to education, forced displacement, and development. His publications include Justice Mosaics: How Context Shapes Transitional Justice in Fractured Societies (2017, co-edited with Paul Seils); Transitional Justice and Education: Learning Peace (2016, co-edited with Clara Ramirez-Barat); Transitional Justice and Displacement (2012); and Transitional Justice and Development (2009, co-edited with Pablo de Greiff); as well as articles published in the International Journal of Transitional Justice and the International Human Rights Law Review. He also co-edited (with Megan Bradley) a special issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies on accountability and redress for displacement (2014). He has a BA in history from Cornell University and an MA in international relations from Yale University.

Selected Publications