Salwa El Gantri

Head of Office


Salwa El Gantri is the Head of ICTJ's Tunisia Office. An expert in gender and transitional justice, she has more than nine years of experience in the fields of democracy, human rights, and transitional justice. Before joining ICTJ, she worked with several different international and regional organizations in both Tunisia and Egypt, including the Arab Institute for Human Rights and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, among others. She is also a Master Trainer in Human Rights accredited by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

She holds a degree from the International Academy of Constitutional Law in Tunis, Tunisia, and in 2005 received a Master’s degree with honors in International Public Law from the University of Tunis, where she is currently a doctoral candidate.

Salwa is the author of "The Role of Lawyers as Transitional Actors in Tunisia." This report was prepared as part of the ESRC-funded "Lawyers, Conflict and Transition" project (Queen's University Belfast and Ulster University).