Programs Intern

Programs Interns will be guided and receive practical instruction on many of the broad range of transitional justice themes and activities. They will learn directly about ICTJ’s work in key areas of transitional justice and human rights around the world and gain practical experience by being part of a team to gain broader experience and understanding of the field.

Under supervision by an assigned advisor, interns will:

  • Take part in the research and writing involved in research memoranda, reports and studies associated with a project.
  • Learn about the various tools available for researching issues, for engaging in oral and written persuasive techniques, and for drafting reports related to human rights– related initiatives.
  • Acquire knowledge and read about issues related to a specific project or country context.
  • Gain research and analysis experience by assisting in researching assigned topics through libraries and the Internet.
  • Performing other relevant duties from the Program Office and Senior Staff as assigned.
  • Interns are encouraged to attend ICTJ events, open meetings, and other local human rights-related events to foster their understanding of current trends in transitional justice.

Students should check with their academic institution to determine if they are eligible to receive academic credit for this internship.

Application Procedure

Please send your resume and a cover letter describing what you hope to gain from an internship with ICTJ, and include a short writing sample (2-5 pages). All materials should be submitted to and include code Programs Intern in the subject line. We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis.