ICTJ International Hip Hop Festival on Truth, Memory, and Resistance

For many young people in countries that have experienced gross human rights violations, hip hop culture has been a lifeline and a surefire way to communicate their concerns and their will to resist oppression and change reality for the better.

Through its initiatives in several countries, ICTJ has learned that hip hop can be a powerful and effective way to engage young people in issues of truth, memory, and reconciliation. In the midst of COVID19, ICTJ in Colombia, Revista Cartel Urbano, and MELAH cohosted the third International Hip Hop Festival.

The event virtually brought together artists from Africa and Latin America for four days of panel discussions, workshops, and concerts. The festival’s theme was the role of hip hop music and culture in uncovering truth, preserving memory, and resisting violence and oppression.

To learn more about the festival, watch this video: