Truths We Need to Know

Perspectives of Colombians particularly affected by the country's conflict – women, young people, and indigenous peoples – who are demanding truth.

During their sit-ins, the women of Ruta Pacifica in Puerto Asis, Putumayo, walk in silence, showing the photographs of those who were murdered and disappeared during the armed conflict.

“What we want these sit-ins to achieve is not only greater awareness about what happens to us women; we also want each person watching the sit-in to realize that violence can touch him or her at any moment,” explained Miralba Ibarra, a member of ASMUM, an organization that is part of Ruta Pacifica. At the end of the performance, they all cry out together: “Without the voice of women, the truth is not complete.”

Ruta Pacifica de las Mujeres brings together 300 organizations from around Colombia that advocate for peace and the realization of women’s rights. “We want to know why it is that women have to be the most affected [by the conflict],” said Amanda Camila, from ASUMUM. “Why do we have to be the spoils of war?”

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