China Calls for Russia-Ukraine Ceasefire, Proposes Path to Peace


China has called for a ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia and a gradual de-escalation of the situation that will pave the way for peace talks, as part of a 12-point proposal to end the conflict.

The plan by China, which was by the foreign ministry and coincides with the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, urges an end to Western sanctions against Russia, the establishment of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians, and steps to ensure the export of grain after disruptions caused global food prices to spike last year.

Beijing — which claims to be neutral in the conflict — has a “no limits” relationship with Russia and has refused to criticize Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine or even refer to it as such. Washington has said China is considering providing weapons to Russia, a move that could intensify the conflict into a confrontation between Russia and China on one side and Ukraine and the US-led NATO military alliance on the other.

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