Colombia, ELN Rebels Hail Progress in Second Round of Peace Talks


Colombia’s government and the left-wing National Liberation Army (ELN) rebel group have hailed progress in their efforts to end decades of armed conflict in the South American nation, as a second round of peace talks concluded in Mexico City.

The negotiations come as part of an effort by President Gustavo Petro—the country’s first left-wing leader and former M-19 rebel—to reach peace or surrender deals with armed groups and bring “total peace” to Colombia. On Friday, Norway and Mexico, which have served as facilitators in the negotiations, hailed their progress.

The first round of peace talks, held in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas late last year, resulted in diverging narratives. Colombia’s government announced a truce had been reached while the ELN denied it had accepted any such agreement, saying a ceasefire “was merely a proposal to be considered.”

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