Barron Tenny

Barron (Buzz) Tenny is a distinguished figure in the realm of philanthropy and community development, known for his exemplary service and dedication to advancing social justice. With a career spanning several decades, Tenny has made significant contributions to organizations and initiatives aimed at fostering positive change and empowering communities. 

Tenny's tenure as a member of the ICTJ's Board of Directors from 2011 to 2019, including his role as Co-Board Chair in 2019, exemplifies his commitment to the organization's mission. His exceptional leadership and unwavering support have been instrumental in guiding the ICTJ's endeavors and ensuring its continued success. 

Prior to his involvement with the ICTJ, Tenny served as the Executive Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel of the Ford Foundation for 28 years. During his tenure at the Ford Foundation, Tenny played a pivotal role in shaping the organization's strategic direction and initiatives, focusing on issues of social justice, human rights, and community development. 

Before his time at the Ford Foundation, Tenny served as General Counsel, Vice President, and Assistant Secretary of the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, a prominent community development corporation in Brooklyn, New York. His experience in community development further underscores his commitment to empowering marginalized communities and promoting equitable opportunities for all. 

Tenny is actively involved in various philanthropic and advisory endeavors. He serves as a board member of the Orchestra of the Americas and is a member of the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program Advisory Council and Youth Communication Advisory Board. 

Tenny's academic background includes a law degree from the University of Chicago Law School, where he graduated in 1969, and a bachelor's degree in history and science from Harvard College. His interdisciplinary education reflects his holistic approach to addressing social and legal challenges, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving meaningful change. 

Through his leadership, advocacy, and philanthropy, Tenny continues to make a profound impact on the global stage, inspiring others to join in the pursuit of a more just and equitable world.